“London Voids” is the first art project of Jan Roth and Kohsaku Shinohara to explore new image-making techniques and capture urban sites.

Roth and Shinohara draw from their professional background to cast an innovative look at London’s cityscapes. Instead of using traditional imaging techniques, they combine the expression of halftone images, with the intricate detail of paper cutting and machine milling, creating a series of translucent curtains like screen-cuts."








Who we are

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Jan Roth

is a Berlin-based designer with a diverse range of backgrounds from architecture and fashion. He has been developing the screen cutting technique used to make the artworks.

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Kohsaku Shinohara

is a London-based designer from Tokyo. Kohsaku has been working for international architectural and construction projects. He plays a pivotal role in showcasing the works in London and expanding the concept internationally.